NEW: Products for the daily use in the advertising technology

Custom made cleaning agents are our speciality!

After 30 years of experience in the advertising and chemical industry we descided to bring our self-developed cleaning agents to the market. Alle products have assisted us in our daily work for the last years and now we transformed the company to exclusively produce and sell these goods.

We now offer a wide range of professional cleaning agents for the daily needs of advertizing technicians and car wrappers:

  • Self adhesive film remover for smooth removal of PVC and PE film
  • Adhesive remover for the removal of gluten leavings from self-adhesive film and duct tape
  • Subfront cleaner / degreaser for dirt and grease removal especially designed to preparate surfaces for re-bonding with new film

All our products have been tested under working conditions and are approved.
Every product will be delivered ready to use. We do not have hazardous goods.

What makes us and our products so special?

Constant progress and optimization are necessary today. This applies to every branch. Thanks to our customers feedback we can optimize and improve our products constantly. We are able to design and produce custom products for our customers needs.
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